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New member + inquiry. - you got a dell dude!

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New member here. w00t =) And...I had a question.

So, I'm a recent graduate as of the seventh. Yay, me. I earned $180 from the family. Part of me wants to splurge and get a new laptop - I currently have a very basic Latitude 110L from the school over a year ago - despite the fact that $180 wouldn't stretch very far. Meanwhile, the responsible part of me wants to save the money for when I need to pay back the Dreaded Loans.

How soon does Dell expect payments, anyone know?
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Date:June 12th, 2007 03:17 am (UTC)
Not sure if its a month or two months after the initial purchase. It varies and you may want to contact the main number you were given located on the invoice or such.

Sorry that the answer is vauge, not too familiar with Dell Financial Services =(
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