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you got a dell dude!

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Dell Inspiron 8200 Nov. 18th, 2006 @ 10:29 am
Hi everybody. I have a dell inspiron 8200 and the monitor just started acting weird last night. It had about an inch and a half thick horizontal white lines on the top and on the left a very FAINT inch thick white lines vertically on my screen. (if that makes sense) Last night it went completely WHITE for a while but after letting it sit overnight, it came up only with these 2 sets of white lines. Any ideas? Help much appreciated PUHLEASE. What do I do?


Muerte. Nov. 13th, 2006 @ 07:22 pm
So my dell insperon 6000 got a blue screen. =/

It said something about a hive file.

My dad asked me for the start up disc the computer was supposed to come with and I really don't remember dell sending that to me with the lap top. It just came with a paper on what to do if you need it... and of course I don't have that anymore. Anyone know what I can do about the start up disc?


I resolved my issue. I called Dell's after warenty support and paid like, &43. They walked me through how to restore my system. He gave me my options: 1. go buy this... I can't even remember... an adapter to copy my files from my hard drive which required me to remove my hard drive and hook it to another computer to transfer my files before I restore my system, or 2. just restore the sysytem.

I know I'm crazy, but I just restored the system without backing up my files. It's stuff I can get back, and I actually probably removed a lot of junk I had on here. I just didn't want to wait.

I spent about an hour on the phone doing all the reset steps and everything worked fine. Basically restoring it to factory settings.

I asked about the whole start up CD thing and he told me that the hard drive is partitioned and all the data you need to restore your system is there separately. We had to access it by starting up the computer and pressing ctrl then f11 when I see the dell logo. Then it takes you step by step to help you restore your computer.

I'm just glad that my computer is working. I thought I lost her. Sigh.


Happy endings!

New Member Oct. 17th, 2006 @ 12:55 pm
Name: John
Age: 31
Dell Laptop(s): Inspiron 8100
Any other computers: P4 Homemade
Any other tech devices: OQO!
Why did you buy from Dell?: Best inexpensive gaming laptop on the market at the time.
Where did you hear about this community?: LJ Search.

I know...the 8100 is an old laptop, PIII 1Ghz and limited to 512MB Ram. It's still an awesome little workhorse, even runs World of Warcraft pretty well.

Is there any way to fool the BIOS into reading more than the maximum memory? I'm thinking not...which begs a second question...does anyone know if the 8200 can fit more RAM? The hardware is almost the same and I might be able to swap motherboards and CPUs from an old 8200.
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Aug. 22nd, 2006 @ 05:17 pm
This is a question for anyone else who received a dell laptop skin. The sides of mine will not stay down, no matter what I do, they just keep peeling up. The surface was clean when I layed it down, so I don't know what's going on with it. Any ideas on how to fix it or has anyone else had this problem?

hello Aug. 9th, 2006 @ 09:53 pm
Name: Michelle
Age: 21
Dell Laptop(s): Inspiron 9300
Any other computers: 2 homemade computers
Any other tech devices: psp, gps, palmpilot, digital cameras, tivo etc etc..am i going into too much detail?? hehe
Why did you buy from Dell?: cause at my work i get a discount, and i've wanted a laptop for my whole life and i wanted a dell:)
Where did you hear about this community?: i searched for laptops in the interest
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» Long shot, looking for a Dell laptop skin
Hi, i'm new. I just purchased (hasn't arrived yet) a Dell Inspiron 1505 model laptop, and if you saw the free promo they are doing right now, you get a free 'skin' to cover the top with. Unfortunately, when i went to pick mine, the color I wanted was sold out.

SO, i'm just wondering if any of you other Dell users out there might have one of the laptop skins in the color called 'Spring Blossom' that you would be willing to part with? It looks like this..

I know its probably a long shot, but i figured there is no harm in asking. :)

Name: Ashley
Age: 23
Dell Laptop(s): Inspiron 1505 model
Any other computers: a HP desktop
Any other tech devices: umm Ipod, etc.
Why did you buy from Dell?: Cute computer, with good reviews at the right price
Where did you hear about this community?: Interest search for 'dell'
» New Lappy, New Buddy!
Name: Veronica
Age: 18
Dell Laptop(s): XPS 1210 (mine), Inspiron 300m (sister's)
Any other computers: Nope.
Any other tech devices: ...nope?
Why did you buy from Dell?: I love the macbooks, buut, I hate Macs. I mean..I'm just not used to them. :\ Dell is easy, affordable, and...they usually ship 'em fast!
Where did you hear about this community?: I searched for it! :D


My XPS 1210 came in the mail today -- I couldn't be any more excited than I am right now! Not only does the media (play, pause, vol. + -, ffd, rwd) buttons glow blue, it has a little THINGIE where the top moves up and down that shows the power, battery & wireless connections. They glow, too! Muahaha..haha! The keys are silent, the speakers are pretty AWESOME and,..FOUR USB PORTS! FOUR! ...four! The most I've heard of is eight, I think,..but I don't need that many. The best part, though, is the fan vents. There are vents on the side as well as on bottom -- the laptop has little "legs" that hold the machine up off the desk so that the air circulates and eventually LEAVES the computer and doesn't get trapped under it. AWESOME. It got a teeny bit warm while I was ripping CDs onto the computer, but when I went to double check...it was gone.

So awesome.

I'm in love. Officially.
» (No Subject)

Name: Sturr
Age: 13
Dell Laptop(s): Inspiron 1150, baby!
Any other computers: Sony VAIO desktop
Any other tech devices: an iPod shuffle
Why did you buy from Dell?: Inspiron 1150 was a brand-new laptop that only cost $699. My parents weren't averse to the idea. Voila!
Where did you hear about this community?: Interests search

» Tech Help

Dell Inspiron 700m

Purchased May 2005


I have received 3 blue error screens in as many days with the following listed as the error:





The errors seem to coincide with inserting/ejecting DVDs.


Any advice on what the problem seems to be and/or how to fix this would be wonderful J



» (No Subject)
Yeah, um... I'm having a little problem.

I have an Inspiron 5150, had it for about two and a half years now, and it's given me little to no trouble (there was a battery problem, but I sent it out while it was still on warranty and it came back fixed). But a fewdays ago, the little black circle in the CD/DVD player... you know, the one you set the disc on and it holds it and stuff? It popped off. I put it back in place and it stuck (mostly), but now I have a problem. It will either not play my CDs/DVDs AT ALL, or it will and it'll make this horrible scritchy noise from hell while doing so.

What do you guys think I should do? I can't send it in because it's not on warranty anymore, and I don't know if I need a replacement... thing or what.
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